Individual projects

Thanks to many years of experience in designing and manufacturing pneumatic structures, we offer solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We provide custom-made products that are adapted to the specific requirements of various industries, such as medical, advertising, events, food and automotive.

Our product range includes items such as motorboats, pontoons, diving equipment, amusement park equipment, recreational devices, water sports equipment, as well as various types of structural elements. We use the latest polymer joining technologies and reliable materials to ensure high quality and durability of our constructions.


We start the project implementation process by identifying the needs:

  • Starting with preliminary product sketches or technical drawing.
  • We determine the application, essential elements of equipment and durability.
  • During the process, we ask questions and solve key problems together.
  • We choose materials, colors and determine whether using our technology we will be able to do it or what should be modified.
  • Based on this knowledge, we make an offer valuation, if the project requires it, we also price prototypes for further tests.
  • Our products have the required approvals and we have experience in certifying external auditing companies.


We are pleased to help with our 42 years of experience in working with materials, polymer joining technologies, and designing pneumatic structures. Our engineers will take care of product development, and together we will go from a prototype to a finished product.


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