Über uns


WATS company is a production company. The only polish and europen company specialize in air tight product in wide range offer like we have. Using our 35 years experience in field of air tight products we provide with the highes quality.




The company continues to develop rapidly. We distribute our products in Poland as well in Europen market. For now we are going to have an active role in Turkey market too.



Our offer is all the time growing. We are open for new ideas.



We supply with high quality inflatable, pneumatic products such as: pontoons boat, buoys, many different types of advertising balloons(helium balloons, stationary balloons, air tight, balloon for individual clients order) and many different recreational products such as: zorb balls, water balls, climbing walls, swimming pools, bumper balls, snowtubings, ect.



Our products are welled by high frequency machines which is giving air tightness of products. Using our technology we give posibility to use our products in all places without pernament access of electrocity.



This fact make us one of the best companies running in that field.
That’s our specialization.



We guarantee with high quality and full service before, during and after sales.


Our products have the necessary certification and CE marks.

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